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These beautiful and delicate little treats are entirely handmade with the best ingredients to make the finest macarons. The entire range is gluten free, suitable for vegetarians and contains no artificial flavours. They are best kept in the fridge up to 4/5 days and consumed at room temperature.


Lemon                                  Peanut Butter

Raspberry                             Mint

Chocolate                            Pistachio

Coconut                               White chocolate Vanilla

Vanilla Strawberry               Passion Fruit

Nutella                                 Blueberry

Allergens: Almond, eggs, cream, soya 

Special Macarons

I'm specialized in mousse cakes with mirror glazing and I'm dedicated to create a selection of cakes with the perfect combination of flavours, the right texture and the right amount of sweetness. I can personalize my cakes to suit your needs by creating unique decorations.

Allergens information: Please note that all my cakes contains wheat, eggs, dairy, nuts and animal gelatin (pork).

Option for gluten free or nut free available on certain cakes. Enquire to order your cake.

The price for a mousse cake serving 10 people is €55*

*There will be extra costs for a special decoration

Price increase of the mousse cakes: If you've been ordering from me for a while, you will notice the price increase of the mousse cakes. Unfortunately, due to the time needed to create these cakes, the rising ingredients cost and the general economic landscape in Dublin, I had no other choice to adjust my prices. This increase was necessary so I can sustain my business and continue to provide you with delicious cakes.

I sincererely appreciate your understanding and your continued support!

Nutella cake

Royal Nutella

Decadent chocolate cake composed of a dark chocolate mousse, a Nutella cream, a layer of crispy Nutella on top of a brownie

Tropical cake

Tropical Cake

Almond sponge cake, candided pineapple, passion fruit/mango creameux and white chocolate vanilla mousse

Delia cake

Delia Cake

Layers of white chocolate mousse, a strawberry confit, a strawberry cremeux on top of an almond sponge

chocolate and caraml

Chocolate and Caramel cake

Dark chocolate mousse, creamy salted caramel ganache on top of a brownie

Special Decoration
Cakes and Macarons Enquiry

Please note that the smallest box contains 20 macarons of mixed flavours. For specific colours/flavours, the minimum would be 20 of each.

The number/letter cakes are always made with pastry, whipped white chocolate vanilla ganache, strawberries and decorated with fruits, macarons and meringues.

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FrenchCakes is now permanentrly closed and I'm starting a new adventure at 2210 Patisserie.
Head over to their website: to order a cake or macarons

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